Restoring client safety and dignity

What perhaps worst about this problem is that many people who are being abused are either completely unaware or even unwilling to take steps to obtain the help they need to bring about an end to this vicious cycle. Anyone who is being abused needs the help of a domestic violence lawyer in Los Angeles as soon as possible.


Below you will find information regarding how domestic violence attorneys Kestenbaum Law Group helps to restore clients safety and dignity through their efforts. You will also find information regarding how you can contact experienced domestic violence attorneys in Los Angeles to schedule a confidential initial consultation if you are ready to put this terrible experience in the past for good.

By Listening


There are many reasons that someone who is being abused by a domestic partner will not report this conduct. Perhaps foremost among them are the notions that they will be found out for telling someone about it by the abuse and that no one will believe what they have to say. Anyone who does speak to a domestic violence lawyer in Los Angeles will soon understand that there are professional ears out there that are willing to listen and to help those dealing with this situation move beyond this cycle.

By Obtaining Immediate Protection


After listening to the situation that is haunting the person being abused, experienced domestic violence attorneys in Los Angeles will then take the step of obtaining protection for that client. This is done by way of securing a protective order that is served on the alleged abuser. This order comes from the court, and it requires the abuser to have no contact with the alleged victim or risk immediate arrest if this order is broken. These protective orders usually last for a couple of weeks, and they are in existence so that they can provide some time for the victim to organize his or her thoughts before moving forward.

By Fighting for a Final Resolution


Ultimately, something will need to be done beyond that initial protective order. This may include having a hearing that would extend that order or perhaps filing for a divorce. Every situation is somewhat different, which is why each scenario needs to be handled by domestic violence attorneys



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