Child Support Attorney Based out of Fishers, Indiana

When you have a child you as the parents are fully responsible for that child until they are at least eighteen. To be sure they have the food, clothes, and shelter that is needed for them to thrive. Even if the parents do not stay together they are both still responsible for the child’s financial support. In the state of Indiana, they have very specific guidelines with a formula to determine child support. It is almost always a good idea to contact a Fishers child support attorney, because even if you and your ex are on good terms, it might not stay that way and having a legal mandate to have child support can help keep your child secure. It is never a bad idea to contact a family law firm in Fishers, Emerson Law LLC to discuss the different options you have.


Sometimes it is easier with a lawyer as well, because they can help ease tensions. Sometimes you cannot even speak to the other parents or you just cannot reach an agreement on how much child support they should be giving. Emerson Law LLC are a family law firm in Fishers who can speak to the other lawyer can keep all the drama out of it. They know what the guidelines are and know how to negotiate a fair amount of child support to be paid. You may also need a Fishers family lawyer to help you modify your child support. It can be changed if it is necessary and you have to have a lawyer in order to do so.

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